Do you know what happened to the real cocaine bear?

Universal is releasing what could be the most ridiculous film of the year this weekend: Cocaine Bear, a violent horror-comedy based on a bizarre real-life incident.

Smugglers took cocaine from a plane in 1985 and ingested at least three or four grams by a Georgia black bear.

"Kentucky Fun Mall has acquired a real Cocaine Bear taxidermy to display for everyone's enjoyment," the retailer advertises online.

"We were unaware that Cocaine Bear existed until we discovered his stuffed remains," Kentucky for Kentucky wrote.

“To share his legend, we brought a taxidermied bear found in 2015 to KY Fun Mall.

A city icon, a heartwarming community builder, and an antihero for a forthcoming biopic, Cocaine Bear is more than just a roadside attraction.

This story doesn't match what really happened to the cocaine bear, according to Fran Wiley and Gary Garner, two retired Georgia detectives.

Wiley recalls the G.P.I.'s Office of Narcotics Enforcement's bear as being a girl. Furthermore, "we took a few claws to determine the age of the bear."

According to VanMeter, Kentucky's claim of a cocaine bear is a tall tale.

His friend's parents had wanted to die-cast their basement taxidermy, and he got the bear from them.

Their fictional backstory included a pop culture figure with a long history with the drug, as well as a creative friend in advertising.