Cheap Or Free Things To Do In Toronto-Friendly Fun For Everyone!

One of the best ways to experience Toronto on a budget is to make the most of the numerous free outdoor activities the city has to offer.

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Visit Toronto’s many parks and gardens

Parks and gardens in Toronto include High Park, Allan Gardens, and the Toronto Music Garden. For budget-conscious travelers, Toronto's parks are free to visit.

Walk or bike along the waterfront

Toronto's waterfront provides breathtaking views of Lake Ontario along several pathways and paths. Runners, cyclists, and walkers enjoy the Martin Goodman Trail, which offers over 50 km of paths.

The Royal Ontario Museum

Nearly 6 million objects and specimens are housed at the Royal Ontario Museum, including ancient artifacts and dinosaur skeletons.

Cheap Eats

The Toronto food truck scene offers delicious street food at affordable prices. Every corner of the city is dotted with food trucks serving everything from tacos to burgers.

St. Lawrence Market

An indoor market with food vendors and specialty shops, St. Lawrence Market is a historic indoor market. Gourmet baked goods and international cuisine can be found here. Affordable options are available at the market.

Free Events

In Toronto, famous directors and celebrities from all over the world attend one of the world's largest film festivals. As a couple, strolling through Paris' gardens may be a lovely way to spend time together.

Nuit Blanche

A variety of art installations, performances, and events take place during Nuit Blanche, an annual all-night arts festival. Nightlife in the city is unique and exciting at the festival, which is free.

Beaches Jazz Festival

In Toronto's Beaches district, the Beaches Jazz Festival features both domestic and foreign jazz and blues performers. Music lovers on a budget will enjoy the festival's several stages and events throughout the neighborhood.

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