There is no doubt that France is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe.

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If you are planning on visiting France soon, here are 8 famous beaches you should visit.

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Biarritz is a famous French beach located near the Spanish border. Undoubtedly, it is well known for its splendid beaches, excellent climate, and vibrant nightlife.

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In this picturesque setting of the port of Saint-Tropez, you will find one of the world's best beaches. Not only is this beach known for its beautiful location, but it also hosts many events throughout the year.

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Beaches Of Saint-Tropez


Not only is Hyères a beach destination, but it's also a coastal city. So, in addition to its great gallery options, it is also known for its cuisine and arts and crafts.

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Porquerolles Island, Hyères


Brittany's Finistere region is a favorite diving and sailing destination for many people for several reasons.

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Beach Of Cap Coz


Whether you visit in the spring or winter, the French Riviera is always beautiful. You can experience the best of both worlds on a beach trip to the French Riviera.

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The French Riviera


You probably haven't heard of this beach in Normandy. However, there is much to do and see at this famous beach in France.

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Promenade D'Etretat


Natural rock bridges, such as the Pont de la Frutti, and suspension bridges, such as the Pont du Gard, are some of the finest formations. This area is excellent for those who love natural landscapes.

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The Calanques Of Cassis, Provence France


The beach town of Saint-Jean-de-Montaigu is a great place to experience the history and enjoy the beach.

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