The Best Travel Guide To Northern Canada in 2023

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Traveling is a great and one of the most expensive things to consider as a Hobby. Many people find a travel trip to Northern Canada financially expensive and even consider it a loss of time and money, but when it comes to travelers, they find this hobby as a great breaking link from a boring routine and find it well for their physical and mental health.

Travel to Northern Canada

Traveling is a hobby that fulfills all aspects of happiness and enjoyment in the form of thrills, surprises, and adventures.

The hobby of traveling and going on different trips also educates and builds an everlasting interest in the field as it provides refreshment to the mind and one suffering from boring and lazy routines, loneliness and depression should adopt this fascinating hobby.

A Travel Guide to Canada

If you are a Nature lover and a Traveller, The Great White North which is also known as “Canada”, is a huge landmark full of wildlife, adventure, beautiful landscapes, and culture.

This country is spread across 10 provinces and covers approximately 9.98 million square kilometers or 3.38 million square miles of a vast area.

Essential Information about Canada

Canada is situated in North America and is a vast country consisting of main cities like Toronto, Quebec, Calgary, Montreal, and the Capital Ottawa. Its population has risen to approximately 37 million with the majority of the population speaking two languages that are; French and English.

Travel guide to Northern Canada

Due to its vast area, Canada is marked as the second Largest area occupying the Country in World and also shares a huge border of 8.89 kilometers with the United States, making it the Worlds Longest Land Border.

The Travel Locations To Visit In Canada

There are many locations and adventures packed into a Travel to Canada which makes it hard for travelers to pick the top locations and attractions to visit in Canada.

The location of Canada itself is based on 3 Teroteries and is spread across ten Provinces, each of them full of different cultures and beautiful landscapes.

travel locations of northern Canada

Main Locations In Canada

  • Northern Canada
  • Atlantic Canada
  • Central Canada
  • Western Canada

The Best Time to Visit Canada

As described earlier Canada is a vast country and is full of adventure at almost any time of the year, So traveling to Canada doesn’t require any specific time or month, you can travel there in any season and whenever you like.

Best time to visit Northern Canada

The Time Zones of Canada

Canada is a country that includes six time zones:

  1. Eastern time, ( DST GMT -4 )
  2. Central time, ( DST GMT -5 )
  3. Pacific time, ( DST GMT -7 )
  4. Atlantic time, ( DST GMT -3 )
  5. Newfoundland time, ( DST GMT -2.30 )
  6. Mountain time, ( DST GMT -6 )

The Travel Guide to Northern Canada

When we talk about the remote places of Earth, then the Northern part of Canada can be included in it as a majority of Locals have not explored this vast region which covers a lot of different environments, Forests, Mountains, and all the way to the Arctic region.

Not many have traveled here, as Northern Canada is marked as a difficult and one of the most expensive places to travel.

However, travelers with great funds, interest, and motivation can gain a lot of experience for a trip to the Northern region of Canada.

Travel trip to Northern Canada

A reason which makes this region a remote place is due to its Road access, as most of these areas are trackless and full of wilderness.

There are no Road routes to the remote northern parts of Canada and the only transport is by Sea or Air.

The Main Population in Northern Canada

The main population of this region revolves around the Indigenous People, which are from the tribes located in North America and whose ancestors were already on the continent when the Europeans arrived.

The lifestyle of these People

The major lifestyle of these people has changed in the last century, as many have jobs in the towns, many have opened stores of different products, attend Christian churches, and are modernized.

The Adventures and Experiences of Northern Canada

The Best and most fascinating thing to do while traveling to Canada is to get your foot Outdoors, where you can be delighted by the fresh air, stunning mountains for hiking, beautiful National Parks, Crystal clear Lakes, or you can enjoy the Snows of the Arctic.

Adventures of Northern Canada

One of the best ways to experience the adventures of northern Canada is to travel to the destinations by car which gives you the freedom to choose between different sights and attractions around these territories.

With Roads running through stunning Mountains, shining rivers and lakes, wildlife, and many other adventures, Canada is one of the best places for a Traveller.

Wildlife and Wilderness across Northern Canada

One of the best experiences of traveling is sighting and exploring the wilderness, imagine a scene when driving on a beautiful route and looking out of your window to sight natural wilderness in the form of wildlife.

With its vast landmark and natural beauty, Northern Canada is full of wildlife opportunities.

If you are a nature lover, you can spot and find wildlife in every aspect, whether you look up in the sky, you can spot beautiful seasonal birds, or if you get in the shining rivers with a boat you would spot Whales swimming past, the lakes are full of Beavers and Moose, and a lot of different wildlife animals can be seen in this rich region.

Wildlife of Northern Canada

To enjoy and experience beautiful sights and wilderness, the vast space of wildlife offers massive attractions to tourists and travelers and you can also spot small communities that include small camping grounds for travelers to enjoy their adventures.

Things To Do in Northern Canada as a Traveler

No matter how remote or far you want to travel in the northern region of Canada, there are plenty of outdoor activities and adventures. 

For a traveler, it does not matter which season is best for traveling, here are some of the activities that you can follow;


Dog sledging in Northern Canada

One of the favorite activities is Dog-sledging which was a way of transportation in northern Canada, and if one is a dog lover he would probably love the adventurous experience of Dog-sledging.

It can be a long trip in the Northern region of almost 16 days, and if one has the passion, funds, and inspiration, he can achieve significant experience in this adventure.

Glacier sightings

Glaciers and mountains in Northern Canada

The area of Kluane National Park is one of the Largest Non-polar icefields in the World which includes the 65 Kilometer Long Lowell Glacier.

This region also includes the Steel glacier which advanced 11 kilometers in four months.

If you are thinking of Glacier flights, then you should probably take one-hour-long flights out of Haines Junction.

Wilderness Hiking

Wilderness hiking in Northern Canada

If you have a passion for Hiking, no matter which level of hiker you are, Northern Canada offers one of the most popular hiking spots in the form of Kluane National Park in Yukon.

These hiking spots are not only heart-touching but you can find amazing wildlife sightings and you can also find well-marked tracks for hikers.

Northern Lights in Canada

Northern lights in Northern Canada

The Northern lights also known as Aurora Borealis is a natural phenomenon caused by the collision of electrically charged particles of Earth’s atmosphere with the Sun.

As these Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon that depends on many factors, but there is an increase in the number of sightings if you have the Right Travel opportunity and location.


All of these sightings, adventures, the beauty of nature, Wilderness and Wildlife experiences, and different seasons packed in one vast area are a jackpot for passionate travelers.

If a traveler likes a lot of adventures and is searching for a place to fill his lungs with fresh air then these are the regions and locations for him to have a better and everlasting experience of traveling.

To conclude, I would suggest every traveler should explore the beauty of this place in real life, for better and un-forgetting memories, a decrease in mental stress, anxiety relief,  well education about various destinations, and a decrease in loneliness.

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