Top 10 Things To Do When In Paris That Will Accelerate Your Experience

Things to do when in Paris
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When we talk about fun things to do when in Paris and having a good experience of traveling with our travel partner. A lot of things that come into our mind that where to go, when, how to go, and the things to do when in Paris where we go is for us or with family. After taking these points in mind, we reduce your difficulty graph and write these places for everyone

Top 10 Things To Do When In Paris

This hiking place has a good experience for Travellers. Apremont’s gorges circuit has a distance of 11.69km, calculated time: 3h45, After distance and height differences, calculated time is computed. An intermediate walker’s time which is 2.2 mph, includes short breaks.

It is good for a great experience with family or with friends. If you’re going to Apremont’s gorges, we say that you must take some foodstuff and camp or some other stuff which you eat, it will make your way fantastic. if we talk about its highest point which is about 140m high.

. Apremont’s gorges circuit has around 11 to 12 waypoints:
D/A: km 0 – alt. 140m
(1) km 0.56 – alt. 99m (2) km 0.94 – alt. 100m (3) km 2.16 – alt. 128m (4) km 2.45 – alt. 134m
(5) km 4.13 – alt. 124m (6) km 4.4 – alt. 135m (7) km 5.11 – alt. 104m (8) km 7.15 – alt. 97m
(9) km 7.85 – alt. 92m (10) km 8.77 – alt. 92m (11) km 9.37 – alt. 124m (12) km 10.35 – alt. 129m
D/A: km 11.69 – alt. 140m

Outdoor Films at Parc de la Villette

Night cinema

I recommend this place should not be missed as it is an open-air movie theater in Paris on a summer night. Paris city offers an opportunity to watch movies outdoors under the dark sky with a shining moon and bright stars.

The event is held in the summer each year between the middle of July and the middle of August. A lot of people–friends, family, and lovers make haste to Porte de Pantin metro station. With the basket of food and a blanket in their hands.

The environment is welcoming and exuberant. Sit on the grass. You can also rent a lawn chair at the rate of (7 euros for one, 20 euros for 5 ). But for a good experience, we suggest arriving early and having a blanket or towel, and looking out for a better place. Don’t forget something to cover up with, because the evening gets a bit chilly and you will be shivering without a blanket

Location: Parc de la Villette, Prairie du Triangle, 221 Avenue Jean Jaurès, Paris 19th arrondissement.
(RER station at Porte de Pantin)

When it comes to movies, you can watch a few favorites or give a new film a try. But their films are mostly designed for a larger crowd. most of the movies shown in the evening are good movies. Timing: (10 pm in mid-July and 9 pm in mid-August).
And Outdoor Film Festival also offers some recent releases.



Sitting on the cruise with your travel partner and having a delicious dinner in the city of light and covering with iconic landmarks with the beauty of the night and the great service of dinner is the dream of any type of Traveller, we suggest you if you travel to Paris don’t miss the Bateaux-Mouches cruise experience.

The Bateaux-mouche is a 60-year-old company, which originally dedicated to boats bringing merchandise up and down the seine

Looking out its vast windows, visitors can take in the sprawling majesty of Paris, from the iconic Eiffel Tower to the solemn Notre Dame Cathedral to the enormous Arc de Triomphe. There’s nothing that will get in the way of your experiencing a magical moment.

Price is around 79€ to 130€ according to their service

Eat at Le Maison Rose

Famous pink restaurant

You should grab a bite to eat at Le Maison Rose, counted incredible place in Paris to have a warm and homey meal in front of a beautiful pink building.

The current owner’s parents bought it in 1948, and she just wanted the memory of her parents to stay alive and bought it from what was considered kind of a touristy restaurant into an environmentally friendly

you know the treasure mum, it used to be a hangout spot for salvador dali and Pablo Picasso.
Today the famous pink restaurant is a piece of social media eye candy while still serving great food and welcoming bohemian locals

Play Patonk Like A Local Persian

patonk game

Patonk is a very interesting and cool game played by Persian and it’s very similar to a bocce ball, there is a small ball called the piglet and a few other balls around it and the general consensus is to get your ball closer to the piglet than your opponent.

In this way, you can buy and bring with you, your set of patonk balls at Place Dauphine or whichever location you find white sand to do a trick or anything you like.

All Travellers passed it with great success, we suggest you buy a couple of beers and other popular drinks in Paris, from a local bar or shop, stood outside and enjoyed the talk of this exciting game in the afternoon, it was really fun and a change from all the tourist sightseeing in the afternoon.

Stroll Along The Seine

Banks of the seine river

Let’s start our adventure by walking along the river scene, in which constant movement becomes the heartbeat of Paris.

Locals and visitors come here to walk relax and meet at the banks of the river from the Eiffel tower to the grand Palay to the louver museum and there you can find beautiful hotels with an Eiffel Tower view, these were just a few of the highlights that you can see by walking along the riverside. Now Persians like to get out of their apartments, they like to walk, explore their city, sit at the cafes, and meet with friends, just as any traveler would do.

Paris is a place for slow travel. Walk by the river, try some of the famous local wines, or use the Parisian version of the rapid transit system, the RER.

Visit cultural landmarks and art galleries and be inspired. Open-minded people are welcome, and if you want, you can meet up with people who love games, explore the museums, or eat all the delicious food

Grab The Experience of 12th

12th Arrondissement

We got off just next to Bastille to find this hidden gem the happiest street in Paris, through Rue Crimex, now this is an Instagram-worthy shot, and just next to it there’s a park that sketches for five kilometers,

but you can’t discover le Coulever a city park, full of greenery, gardens, and art, all grown above the street level on an ancient railway bridge.

If you are a lover of photography and wanted you to have some cover photos of Paris visit. This street is a gift for those with a lovely environment, and fantastic buildings on the best square of the street. Just focus on your camera and grab the experience.

Serve Yourself In The Finest Bakery

Near place de la bastille

By this time you must be hungry, French pastries are popular all across the world, but when it comes to the classics no city can beat Paris, everybody knows the croissant, but in Paris, you can meet his sweeter.
Eating stuff like a cousin, Cuyaman, and the Konyaman is something you have when you really want, something sweet and crispy.

There are a lot of bakeries where you can find every type of sweet and crispy items
Best Bakery food items in De La bastille Paris:

.Chocolate brioche (At Aux marveilleux brioche) .Pain au Chocolate (At La Maison D’issabelle)

.Mille-fuille (At Carl Marletti) .Chocolate Pistachio Escargo (At Du Pain Et Des Idees)

.Paris-brest (At Jacques Genin) .Eclairs (At L’eclair De genie) .Macarons (At Laduree)

Square de Montsouris

14 Arrondissement OF Paris

If you want to go to a place which has the fantastic architecture of houses, covered with full greenery of nature in a lovely environment.

Square de Montsouris is a place, where Most of the houses are from the art deco and art nouveau architectural periods and the well-maintained trees give an air of outdoors that seeps into the city itself.

A great place with a combination of art, beauty, nature, and lovely view, where you can release your all-day stress with a cup of tea, a quite narrow place. One should try it if you are in Paris.

Finishing with Sweet Chocolates

Chocolate Shop

chocolate is the best gift for your beloved ones, so why not end your journey with a packet of sweets?
There are a lot of shops with great taste and their service, which make you come here again
DEBAUVE & GALLAIS is one of these chocolate shops.

The brand was founded in 1800 by Sulpice Debauve. Dubauve and Gallais were appointed royally as French chocolatier and has been in business for over 200 years. the official chocolatier of an ancient king of France.

His nephew Auguste Gallais joined the company in 1823. At first a pharmacist, Debauve was inspired to blend cocoa butter as a headache cure for Queen Marie-Antoinette in 1779. This could be translated as His chocolate pastilles are now known as The Queen’s Coins.

Two elegant Parisian shops carry candy boxes like The Cats Box, a package of four different kinds of chocolate with illustrations of cats. Those who are into sports will appreciate the Golf Ball, white chocolate with hazelnut filling dating from 1892.

You can consider Dbauve and Gallais chocolates, so back your step to your home with the sweets in your hand.


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