The 20 Most Popular Drinks In Paris

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Paris holds its own when it comes to restaurants, shopping, Hotels, Things to do, and attractions, but when it comes to drinks, the city really shines. Here are The 20 Most Popular Drinks In Paris. Paris has a wide selection of both bars and cafes that offer great drink options at almost any time of day or night; however, some of the best drinks in Paris aren’t found in establishments at all. Instead, they are famous landmarks or monuments in the city that offer food or drink services based on their popularity with tourists and locals alike.


1. Aperol Spritz

Popular drinks in Paris

This thirst-quenching drink from Italy’s Veneto region is a favorite of french people.

Aperol has been touted as everything from an anti-depressant to a digestif, but I love it for its pleasant mix of orange and bittersweet flavors. It’s delicious on its own (especially on ice) or when mixed with sparkling water and white wine.

2. Kir Royale

The name Kir Royale is a reference to royal wine, and thus refers to a mixture of Crème de Cassis and Champagne.

In fact, you can make your own Kir Royal at home by filling a champagne flute about halfway with champagne, topping it off with crème de cassis, and then stirring.

3. The French 75

The first sip of a French 75 is as close to magic as it gets. This classic cocktail, made with gin, champagne, and lemon juice, was invented at Harry’s New York Bar in Paris around World War I—and after one taste you’ll understand why it has stood the test of time.

The flavors complement each other perfectly, with Champagne contributing effervescence and acidity and gin adding a touch of sweetness.

4. Pastis

In case you aren’t familiar with pastis, it’s a French drink that originated in Corsica and became very popular in post-World War II France.

It’s usually served chilled—and what makes it unusual is that it isn’t a liquor like whiskey or vodka.

The name comes from pastiche, which is French for imitation. This means that while, yes, pastis is technically an alcoholic beverage (and people do get drunk on it), its flavor leans more toward herbal and floral than boozy or brash.

5. Jacqueline

This sassy, creamy drink is named after Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (that’s Jackie O to you), and it can be found at Harry’s New York Bar in Paris.

The cocktail has been around since 1933 and is a mix of gin, crème de cacao, Kahlúa, and heavy cream.

If you’re looking for something more traditional, however, opt for an old-fashioned one instead—it was purportedly first made at Harry’s back in 1915.

6. Monaco                                                            

This traditional French drink, also called eau de vie, is a clear, colorless fruit brandy made from distilled fruits.

It was created by François Prince in 1854 and has become one of France’s most famous liquors.

Most popular are those made from pears, apples, or Poire Williams (Williams pear), but you can get almost any kind imaginable.

7. Cider

A typical Parisien cider is dry and slightly acidic. It’s usually made from bittersweet apples, rather than sweet ones, with a low alcohol content—perfect for sipping alongside a sandwich at lunchtime.

Cider bars are sprinkled across all arrondissements in Paris and drinking cider is quite popular among locals during lunchtime. Their typical price ranges between 2-5€ per glass.

8. Chambord

France is well known for its gastronomy, as well as its great wines. However, with a simple product of black cherries (which grow nowhere else but on hills around France), a tiny factory made an amazing history.

In 1831, French perfumer Pierre Marie Pascal Gilly discovered the secret of mixing eau de vie and liqueur, which made Chambord one of the most popular drinks in France today.

9. Pineau

The Pineau is an unusual liquor, a mixture of wine and Cognac. Its color is generally golden yellow to very light brown with high viscosity.

The best Pineau is made from Grande Champagne in Bully, Croizet-Bages, Latricieres-Chambertin, or Verzenay.

The Pineau should be served at room temperature as an aperitif or digestif. The most famous is Pineau des Charentes from Cognac but also nice examples come from Barsac.

It’s a soft drink that goes well with walnuts, nuts, and almonds in desserts or on cheeses like Camembert or Brillat Savarin with some fig jam.


10. Gini Lemon

Known for its refreshing taste, Gini Lemon makes a great choice for any summer day.

The soft drink’s mix of lemon, mint, and passion fruit might not be as fancy as many others on our list, but it’s guaranteed to make you feel like you’re in the middle of a hot day poolside somewhere tropical.

Some say it tastes like your favorite mojito—minus alcohol—but that can’t be proven because no one drinks Gini Lemon with rum!

Try out one of these tasty treats and experience every mouthful like you were lounging by some resort pool, toes in cool water, surrounded by bikini-clad beauties. Any day is a good day to sip on some Gini Lemon!

11. Kronenbourg 1664

The Kronenbourg 1664 is a famous brand that is produced by French brewery l’Heineken since 1996, when it acquired Jupiler. Produced since 1928, it is one of France’s oldest beers.

This famous soft drink in Paris has been introduced to over 140 countries all over the world, so you can find some bottles almost anywhere you go.

12. Orangina

The top ten famous soft drinks of Paris also happens to be one of my favorite mixtures, Orangina. Originating from a German mineral water,

Orangina was first introduced in France in 1919 and rapidly gained popularity thanks to its bright orange color, fruity taste and mixability.

Most Orangina found outside of France is not produced by Groupe Jérôme-Lejeune SA; it is instead made by companies like Coca-Cola, Snapple or even Fanta.

These versions do not claim to be genuine Orangina, but they are still loved by many!

13. Diabolo Menthe

The Diabolo Menthe,  It’s a great low-calorie option. It’s just sparkling water with mint syrup, It also has lots of health benefits (including containing vitamins C and A).

And it tastes amazing! A bottle usually costs around 25 cents—and will fill you up all day. No artificial sweeteners means no bad calories for you.

14. Rooibos tea

With its sweet, slightly earthy taste, red rooibos tea is a perennial favorite.

The mild taste makes it a great candidate for infusions with other herbs and spices, so that you can tailor your drink to any palate and occasion.

As we mentioned earlier, rooibos tea can be mixed with fruit to make unique fruit infusions without adding sugar or altering flavors.

In fact, many people prefer drinking their rooibos tea blended because it’s a relatively simple mixture process.

15. Oasis

A refreshing soft drink, Oasis was created in 1993 by Orangina (one of France’s top names in carbonated water) and quickly became one of their most successful products.

Despite its sweet taste, it is slightly more healthy than soda (and closer to sports drinks like Gatorade).

A mix between orange juice and lemonade, Oasis is a perennial favorite among children; adults enjoy it as well when they need a change from soda.

16. Coca-Cola light

With a refreshing, crisp flavor and light, fruity overtones, Coca-Cola light tastes like a mix between Coke and Sprite. But don’t let its taste fool you: though it may be 99% natural, it’s not an all-natural drink.

Though Coca-Cola will admit to using artificial sweeteners in many of their products, they refuse to give up their secret ingredient that makes Coca-Cola light taste so much better than regular soda: caramel color.

While caramel color is completely harmless in soft drinks (it’s often used in candy and baked goods), consumers remain wary about what ingredients are going into what they eat.

17. Isostar Sport Drink

Has a taste comparable to that of Gatorade and has 24 vitamins, minerals, and trace elements.

The isostar sport drink is used widely by professional athletes from around the world. This is particularly so in France with champions

such as Tony Parker (basketball), Christopher Froome (cycling), Sara Errani (tennis), Marion Bartoli (tennis) and Amélie Mauresmo (tennis). It has also been used by numerous Olympic sportsmen.

18. Perrier

With its light, pure taste, Perrier is a French favorite for any occasion. It goes well with almost anything and pairs perfectly with your favorite food or drink.

Best of all, you can pick up bottles at most corner markets or cafés in France.

The flavors may vary from place to place (you’ll find raspberry Perrier in summertime), but it always has a consistent flavor.

19. Chocomel Chocolate Drink

It was first introduced in 1924 and its taste has barely changed. It is now a must have drink for anyone travelling to France, especially those visiting Paris.

Chocomel is known for its thick chocolate flavor, without being too overwhelming. Perfect for anyone looking to enjoy chocolate but not wanting to feel like they are drinking an actual milkshake or an ice cream sundae!

20. Grape Juice

It tastes delicious and has several health benefits. It’s also very refreshing, which is why you’ll often see it on menus at Parisian cafés. Drink up to stay healthy!



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