Top 10 Restaurants in Lyon, France: Best Lyon France restaurant guide

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If you’re looking to try out the best restaurants in Lyon, France, but don’t know where to start, look no further than the list below!

Lyon has something to offer any type of traveler, and we’ve collected the best restaurants in Lyon on this list to help

you find the perfect place to dine. If you’re looking for French cuisine, steak houses, or sushi, we’ve got you covered!

Take a look at our list below to see where you should eat when visiting this beautiful city in France!

1. Le Musee

Restaurants in Lyon

A Restaurant and Café: Some say eating out at Le Musee is like dining inside a private collection.

Owner and chef Jacques Médecin earned his reputation at some of the best restaurants in Lyon.

The restaurant’s menu changes regularly, but expect French classics such as steak fries with béarnaise sauce or fish meunière with vegetables and cream. You have to try at least Once.

2. Court Bouillon Restaurant

Court Bouillon is one of Lyon’s most popular restaurants.

Located just outside of Lyon city center, it has a terrace that overlooks a beautiful garden with plenty of outdoor seating and an interior that features warm wood decor.

Court Bouillon is known for its traditional French cuisine and also serves a range of seafood-inspired dishes. There is no lack of options on its menu—it contains around 100 items!

You can enjoy one of their entrees or order their famous weekend brunch for up to four people.

3. Flair Restaurant Lyon

Located just a few minutes from Lyon’s Saint-Jean district and behind Saint James train station is Flair Restaurant Lyon.

If you’re looking for excellent food and a full selection of wine paired with French cuisine, look no further than Flair.

Their chef has made it his life mission to introduce locals to new flavors while also highlighting classic French cooking techniques;

after years as a master chef at Michelin Star restaurants in both Paris and Lyon, he believes that these creations are exactly what Lyon should taste like.

4. L’assiette Sur La Place

L’assiette sur la place is an exceptional restaurant located close to Place Bellecour. On the menu are French cuisine dishes including foie gras and beef bourguignon;

a variety of fish including monkfish and salmon; and chicken dishes.

The pastry chef turns out superb desserts such as crème brûlée, tarte tatin, chocolate mousse and profiteroles.

5. La Table d’Ambre

La Table d’Ambre (French for The Amber Table) is a Michelin star-awarded restaurant located in Lyon, France.

La Table d’Ambre serves up traditional French food. Dishes such as truffle soup and quail are on their highly-rated menu.

Along with that, Le Table D’Amber has won a Michelin star every year since 2009. This year though is different because they have acquired two stars from their previous one!

6. L’Alexandrin

L’Alexandrin is Lyon’s finest French restaurant. Located near Place Bellecour—the city’s center and most notable tourist attraction—this hotspot provides an elegant experience for all who stop by.

Along with offering a fine dining experience for locals and travelers alike, L’Alexandrin’s menu features delectable fare such as foie gras, lamb chops, and lobster pasta.

7. La Maison Marie

A Restaurant located in Lyon, France at 6 Rue Servient.

This is a Chinese restaurant that serves delicious meals for lunch and dinner. Many people like going to La Maison Marie because they enjoy both the food and the service.

They have a nice menu as well as excellent service. Its main menu is stir-fried vegetables with chicken or beef, fried rice, and various appetizers.

They also have an extensive wine list and tea selection.

8. Le Marelie

This is a small restaurant located on Rue Saint-Marc.

Although it’s small and it doesn’t serve much food, it has a lot of restaurants nearby that serve similar food as them.

Their menu includes appetizers, salads, and soups along with a few meat dishes.

Most notably they offer seafood pasta.

9. Cafe Terroir

This restaurant was started by two young guys who’d just returned from living in New York and Barcelona.

While their plan was to share their travel experiences with others, they shared great food along with it.

This little cafe is off-the-beaten-path but well worth a visit. They serve up modern classics (whatever that means) and have very original choices on their menu. I hope you will love it!

10. Le Palais Des Tajines

Lyon is known for its exceptional food. So naturally, Lyon’s best restaurants are defined by their local cuisine and distinct cultural identity.

As it turns out, though, some of Lyon’s most famous restaurants serve other kinds of fare – like Le Palais Des Tajines.

This Algerian restaurant is located in Lyon’s 1st arrondissement; if you want to soak up some local culture as you dine on North African cuisine then look no further than Le Palais Des Tajines.

This modestly-sized eatery can comfortably accommodate 6 people at a time and serves traditional meals with fresh ingredients that are locally sourced whenever possible.


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