Islands of The Pacific, Top 10

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The hobby of tourism is increasing day by day, and travelers from around the world are traveling to different places and spots of the World like Natural landscapes, beautiful waterfalls, shiny rivers, deep oceans, unique Islands of the Pacific, and endless beaches.spots of the World like Natural landscapes, beautiful waterfalls, shiny rivers, deep ocean

Islands of the pacific

Different tourist attractions and destinations are present in different regions of the globe. Although traveling requires a very important time, a significant amount of funds, and a lot of courage, if one has the inspiration, motivation, and obsession, he could travel to any part of the world at any cost.


A globe is a place of fascinating beauty and one of the Famous and most attractive Natural sites for a tourist or a traveler is an Island.

In this exploration journey, we will explore some of the most vibrant, unique, and heart-healing Islands of the Pacific. 

The Pacific Ocean

The Earth has five divisions of Oceans, the deepest and Vast Ocean is the Pacific Ocean with a surface area of (165,250,000 kilometers per square). This vast Ocean is well-known for its depth, with an average depth of (14, 040 ft) and Max depth of (35, 797 ft). The ocean comprises a huge number of beautiful Natural Islands and other settlements. 

Islands of the Pacific Ocean

The globe is marked with natural and beautiful Islands, and the Islands of the Pacific Ocean are marked as the Pacific Islands are divided into three major groups;

  • Polynesia
  • Micronesia
  • Melanesia

There are a vast variety of different islands in different regions of the Pacific, to organize these huge numbers of Islands they are Categorized into different archipelagos. 


The islands of the Pacific are specified in groups and different Continents and due to the huge number of these Islands, they can not be put together in this little discussion. 

Here are some of the islands of the Pacific that are worthy of discussion and exploration. 


Top 10 Islands of the Pacific

For a traveler, the hardest part to start a journey is selecting the best spot and destination for a perfect adventure and experience.

To sort out this problem, we would explore and discover the best and top Islands of the Pacific ocean for you to start a delightful and never-ending travel journey. 


Tahiti Island

There are a total of 118 Islands in French Polynesia, and the largest island of those Islands is the Tahiti Island of the Pacific. The capital of this island is Papeete and the island is separated into two parts by a short land bridge.


The larger part known as Tahiti Nui is the northern region and the shorter part known as Tahiti it is often trackless, which means fewer tourists travel to this region of the island.

The island is ranked as one of the Best Islands of the Pacific by the U.S NEWS and World Report Travel, the months of May and October are considered best for traveling to this Island of the Pacific.


The hotels and resorts are quite expensive on this island, however, you can save your journey funds by staying at the local guesthouses and buying food items from the stores and supermarkets instead of eating in fancy restaurants. 

Things To Do 

Traveling to either part of the Island may cause you a large number of funds but a traveler can’t ignore its;

  • Warm waters
  • Lush and green Forests
  • Attractive resorts
  • Enjoy delicious Seafood
  • Driving and exploring the island
  • Best Honeymoon and tourist attractions or destinations. 


Bora Bora Island

As Tahiti is the Largest Island in French Polynesia, Bora Bora Island is one of the islands of the Pacific it is marked as a small Island with a short length of six miles and a width of almost two miles with a dormant Volcano center. The Island is marked as the Pearl of the Pacific and was ranked as the ‘Most beautiful Natural Island of the Globe’ by James Michener.

We can determine its beauty by this report, as the Bora Bora Island of the Pacific is ranked 1st place by the U.S News and World Report Travel. 

Things To Do 

This Natural Landscape is considered one of the best Islands among the Islands of the Pacific Ocean Some of the Tourist attractions and sites are;

  • Matira Beach
  • Corel Gardens
  • Best Jet-ski Tour
  • 4-Wheels Road Trip
  • Luxury Resorts 
  • Delicious Seafood


Cook Islands

This Island is considered a small Island, but its group of fifteen Islands is marked as one of the most famous and attractive archipelagos in Islands of the Pacific.

This huge tourist attraction is due to its Famous white beaches, Rarotonga and Aitutaki which are full of hikes and beautiful waterfalls. The island is also full of delicious tasty dishes like a dessert pudding made of tropical fruits and a marinated dish of raw fish.

Things To Do

Due to its attachment to New Zealand, the flights are made easy from Auckland Airport and tourists can enjoy;

  • Traditional functions
  • Tasty seafood dishes
  • Tropical Fruits
  • Scenic Road trips
  • Beautiful warm waters


Fiji Island

This Island is considered one of the best spots for travelers that love Adventure and outdoor activities. It’s like heaven for Divers and Surfers, as the Island is well-known for its huge waves and quality Coral reefs. Fiji Island is being traveled by tourists from around the world for its cuisine and remarkable famous drinks.

This Island of The Pacific is ranked as the second-best Island for its beautiful Beaches and Honeymoon destinations. 


Things To Do

Some of the best tourist attractions and spots for a perfect adventurous journey are;

  • Best Hotels and resorts
  • Endless Beaches
  • Coral Coast
  • Cruise Adventure
  • Shiny Waterfall
  • Fijian village tour


Solomon Island

If you are looking for untouched travel spots and places, then the Solomon Islands of the Pacific contains some uncrowded shores and adventurous destinations that are ideal for eco-friendly tourists and nature lovers.

This Island is also known for its historical battles and relics, as this region was a site for battles during (World War 2).

Things To Do

The Island also comprises a Dormant volcano, and some of the tourist attractions included on this island of the Pacific are;

  • Historical sites and abundant war machines
  • Climbing the volcanic sites
  • Exploring the untouched natural spots
  • Surfing on the uncrowded shores
  • Discovering green and vast forests


Moorea islands

If one has the inspiration, motivation, courage, and precious time but don’t have the right amount of funds, then he can probably consider the Moorea Islands of the pacific, as these Islands are marked with low-cost journeys and adventures.

A traveler can experience the same adventurous journey on this Island as he would have experienced on the Bora Bora Island of the Pacific Ocean but with a lower price tag.

Things To Do

These Islands have one of the best travel attractions and destinations such as;

  • Temae Beach
  • The Dolphin Centre
  • Beautiful Lagoonarium
  • 8 huge Mountains
  • 2 endless Bays
  • Outdoor tourist attractions


Samoa Island

Every Island discussed earlier has its people, cultures, and traditions but the traditions of the Samoa Island of the Pacific are unique.

This Island is full of cultural villages, Natural wonders, and fascinating tourist attractions. The island also has fresh food and produce markets for locals and travelers with a variety of different seafood and dishes.

Things To Do

Travelers with a great interest in nature and wilderness will love this eco-friendly environment of Samoa Island but some of the travel sites are;

  • Ocean Trench of To-Sua
  • Beautiful Waterfalls
  • Cultural attractions
  • Museums of Samoa
  • Markets for visitors


New Caledonia

If one is searching for an adventurous and experience full journey, then he/she can look towards this beautiful Island of the Pacific Ocean.

New Caledonia offers an attractive atmosphere of Nature and beautiful Tropical regions with a mixture of both European and Northeastern flair. The Island is also famous for its underwater caves, shiny waters, and tourist spots for snorkeling.

Things To Do

New Caledonia has top-notch travel destinations and very friendly locals to welcome visitors to this beautiful island of the Pacific Ocean.

  • Beautiful underwater trails
  • Endless and sandy beaches
  • Lush jungles
  • Eye-catching travel spots
  • Pretty lagoons


Papua New Guinea Island

This Large Island has all the journey-related attractions, destinations, and travel spots but due to the low infrastructure of the Papua New Guinea Island of the Pacific Ocean, the region is down-ranked by travelers and tourists. This Island is well-known for being one of the oldest historical sites and cultures with its welcoming locals.

Things To Do

The Island has also been to historical battles of WW2 and the place can be perfect for one with a historical mind. Some travel spots to consider are;

  • Cultural Festivals
  • Water Sports
  • Diverse Wildlife
  • Diving for the historical structures


Niue Island

If one is misguided by the Size of this beautiful Island of the Pacific, then he could probably miss the neverending experiences and adventures of this beautiful place.

The area of this island is pretty small but the journeys this place provides are uncountable with stunning waters, a fresh environment, and natural sites.

Things To Do

If one is thinking to take a break from a dull routine then he should probably look towards these adventures;

  • Natural pools
  • Limestone caves
  • Water-based Adventures
  • Hiking on the Rocks
  • Scuba Diving
  • Sightings of Wildlife



For a happy and healthy life, a balanced routine is required. We spend all our time working on different aspects of our life, and to balance this routine some outdoor activities should be managed.

To conclude I would suggest that travelers and courageous tourists visit these Islands of the Pacific, as these Islands are full of natural beauty, never-ending adventures, education, and experience.

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