Top 5 Traditional Dishes of Quetta, Famous food of pakistan

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Food is an essential element of life, which is used and metabolized by the body to form energy. Different regions and different countries have their own cultures and traditions, and food is one of the main traditions in every state and region.

There are different types of traditional dishes of Quetta, but When it comes to food, then Pakistan is a country that is well-known for its delicious cuisine and different variety of dishes. 

Traditional food and dishes are spread all over Pakistan, every province or should I say the every individual City of Pakistan has different varieties of traditional and famous food.

Traditional and Famous Food Around Pakistan

Pakistan is a Country situated and located in South East Asia, and this region is well-known for its spices and traditional dishes. Tourists from all over the World visit this region to try and experience these exotic and traditional dishes.

When we are talking about the dishes and food in South East Asia, we can never exclude Pakistan from the list as its being visited by travelers and tourists from around the World for its culture and tradition.

Culture and tradition of Pakistan

Different Regions and Cities of Pakistan contain different, famous, and inspiring Food and exquisite dishes.

Here are Some of the Traditional and delicious foods and dishes to try in different Cities of Pakistan.

The traditional Karachi Biryani of Pakistan

This Biryani Dish is one of the most famous food of pakistan and well-known dishes of Karachi, which is the Capital of Sindh Province.

Traditional Karachi Biryani of Pakistan


This Famous Dish doesn’t require many ingredients but requires skills. The main ingredients required to produce this delicious dish are;

  • Chicken
  • Rice
  • Oil
  • Salt and Special Spices
  • Required vegetables
  • Skills and patience

The Famous Afghan Naan of Pakistan

A whole variety of different dishes and delicious food is incomplete without a Naan. This Naan was first imposed by the afghans and Pashtuns of different regions and now it’s famous all around Pakistan.

The Famous Afghan Naan of Pakistan

This Naan is now commonly used with almost all dishes and Naan shops known as Tandoor shops are now open in every province and the almost every City of Pakistan.

The Famous Peshwari Chapli Kabab of Pakistan

This famous and delicious Kabab was introduced in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan and mostly is famous in Peshawar City. This full of flavor dish is not only famous in the Province but is now spread all across Pakistan for its unique taste and experience.

The Famous Peshwari Chapli Kabab of Pakistan

This Dish requires a lot of cooking skills and the original taste and flavor could only be taken from the place of origin.

The famous Nihary of Pakistan

Nihari is a dish that is mainly found in Pakistan but some of the restaurants in India also include this dish as this dish has been migrated by the Pakistanis to other regions.

When it comes to the main origin or main region where this dish is consumed, then we would probably include the Punjab Province of Pakistan where this dish is consumed for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

The famous Nihary of Pakistan

This dish is now available all around Pakistan which requires much-needed ingredients and some masterclass cooking skills.

The Famous Kashmiri Tea of Pakistan

This dish or you can say a type of drink is famous and delicious. From the name Kashmiri Tea, you can guess the origin of this tea. This tea was common in the northern region and Kashmir but was unique in other cities of Pakistan, but now thanks to the recipes which made this tea very common in different cities and restaurants of Pakistan. 

The Famous Kashmiri Tea of Pakistan

These were some of the Main, Famous, and traditional dishes or foods of the four Provinces of Pakistan. 

Now let’s move on to the dishes and foods of the Balochistan province and mainly the capital city is known as Quetta. 

The Most Famous and Traditional Dishes of Quetta, Pakistan

Pakistan is divided into four Provinces, and the largest province of Pakistan is Balochistan. This province comprises different Cities, different cultures, traditions, and different traditional food or dishes. 

The capital and main city of the Balochistan Province is Quetta which was firstly the city of Pashtun tribes and the main tribe with the majority of the area was called Kasi. Nowadays different people from different provinces and cities are living in Quetta. 

Quetta Pakistan

Quetta is a Beautiful City which is surrounded by huge mountains. The city nowadays is well-populated but the side areas and tribal areas are still unique and attractive.

As we have discussed the City, now let’s unleash the most delicious and mouth-watering dishes of Quetta, Pakistan.


Most People of Quetta and Pashtuns are Meat lovers and most of the dishes of Quetta contain a type of Meat. However, this dish comprises a whole lamb or goat which is stuffed with rice and the meat itself is covered with spices and salt.

The Traditional Dishes of Quetta, Pakistan

The Lamb or goat stuffed with rice is stitched and placed in a dug hole full of burning coals. When the Lid is placed on top of the hole, a small portion of burning coals is put on the lid to give heat to the dish from the top and tenderize the meat.


As explained earlier that the people of the region are well-known for dishes that contain meat, and this dish known as Sajji Kabab or simply Sajji is one of the favorite dishes of the locals as well as the tourists.

The Traditional Sajji-Kabab of Quetta, Pakistan

This dish is well known for its deliciousness and flavourful taste but fewer are familiar with the difficulty while cooking this dish. 

In this dish, a whole Chicken or cuts of lamb, goat, or beef are marinated in spices and then a stick or rod is passed through the meat which is placed in a place that is surrounded by the extreme heat of fire or coal.


This dish is mainly of two types, first is the one that contains meant which is now common in different regions of Pakistan, and the second is the one that contains resins, carrots, different nuts, and required spices.

The Traditional Kabuli-Pulao of Quetta, Pakistan

This dish was mostly made in homes but now with the exposure to the recipe, the dish is spread across different restaurants and hotels in Pakistan. Somehow, the homemade version of the dish is more delicious than the one in the restaurants but with great cooking skills, this traditional dish can be made to perfection.


Rosh is a traditional and famous dish in the Pashtun belt, as it can be cooked with different meat types. However, the most flavourful and delicious recipe of the Rosh is cooked using the meat of lamb or goat simply called Mutton in Pakistan.

The Traditional Rosh of Quetta, Pakistan

This Dish doesn’t require a handful of ingredients but requires patience to completely tenderize the meat used in the recipe. This dish is simple and composed of natural taste and flavor as no spices are added to the dish.

Ice-Cream (Sheer-Yakh)

We started the topic with delicious, spicy, meat-containing dishes but to end the topic, we will discuss a freezing, mouth-watering, and flavourful dessert.

This ice cream dessert is known as Sheer-Yakh by the locals and is famous all around the City.

The Traditional Ice-Cream (Sheer-Yakh) of Quetta, Pakistan

This dessert is made using different recipes but the main recipe was first introduced by the afghan people or Hazara community. The dish can be presented in different styles, toppings, and different ways, but the best one is the original recipe which contains the original taste and flavors.

These were the Most Famous and Traditional dishes of Quetta which are now used and sold across different regions, provinces, and cities of Pakistan.


To conclude, I would advise each and every traveler and tourist to Visit and Explore these Flavourful, delicious, handmade, tasty, and full of experience dishes and foods.


People with great interest in Food would enjoy the experience and flavors of these traditional and famous dishes as the locals of the region are well-known for their hospitality.

Be happy and Continue your journey.

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