Best Places To Go In Thailand, A Travel Trip in 2023

Places to go in Thailiand
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The globe is full of the fascinating beauty of Nature and devastating Landmarks. Just like places to go in THAILAND, Every continent and region is marked with different tourist attractions and spots for tourists for endless adventure and experience.

The activities of tourism require a tremendous amount of motivation, inspiration, and courage. Still, the hardest and time acquiring part of a travel journey is selecting and figuring out the perfect spot for an Adventurous Experience. Just like other regions of Earth, Thailand is a Country that is full of natural landscapes, historical sites, and architectural buildings which makes it one of the perfect locations for an adventurous tourism Journey.

Tourism in Thailand

Due to the Pandemic in 2019, tourism has been dropping gradually till the present year, but according to 2019 reports, tourism increased to a certain record peak that was 39.9 million Travelers who visited Thailand in 2019.



The country located in the southeast region of Asia and the middle of the Indochinese peninsula is officially marked and named as the Kingdom of Thailand and is Historically recognized as Siam. The area of this region is around 198.120 square miles and the region is calculated with a population of approximately 70 million individuals. The largest and most famous city in Thailand is Bangkok, also the nation’s capital.

tourist attraction in Thailand

Thailand is surrounded by countries like Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and the Andaman Sea. The region’s main tourist attraction is its architectural sites and historical buildings.

Best Places to go in Thailand

The Country was marked by World Tourism Organization as Most Traveled region of Southeast Asia in the year 2013, and according to the United Nation World Tourism Organization, Thailand has been marked as the 8th Most traveled country in the year 2019. 

Tourism adds up to 6% of the country’s Economy which is increasing day by day as the decrease in pandemic.



The capital of the Country is well-known for its tourism and large numbers of individuals travel to Bangkok for its tourist attractions and adventures. The city of Bangkok is famous for its Historical and Ancient spots which are marked with devastating architecture.



Bangkok comprises its traditions and cultures with Thai as the local and official Language. The city is recognized for its Golden Buddha Statue which is 150 feet tall, and the city is ranked as one of the best spots to visit in Thailand and Asia. 

Bangkok is a city marked with the beauty of nature in the form of high Mountains, green Forests, and shiny waters, but this vast attraction of tourists is due to its modern look and feel. The city is full of modern restaurants, Delicious tourist Favorite Cuisine, luxury hotels, vast shopping Malls, and beautiful Parks.

Things To Do

As this region is famous for its high temperatures, the best time to travel to Bangkok is in November-March when the temperatures are at the lowest degrees. Some of the best places to go in Thailand in the city of Bangkok are;

  • Wat Pho Temple
  • Wat Arun
  • Chatuchak Market
  • Naval River Resort
  • Sukhumvit Famous Park
  • Grand Palace
  • Art and Culture Center of Bangkok
  • Jim Thompson House


If one has a passion for outdoor activities, Sports, adventures, and natural experiences, then he should look towards this beautiful place to go in Thailand which is known as Phuket. This region is mostly famous for its aquatic wilderness and shiny fresh waters with huge limestone cliffs.

Phuket in Thailand

This beautiful Island which is surrounded by the Andaman Sea is a beautiful natural landmark and is marked as the best place or spot to visit in December and one of the best places to go in Thailand with beautiful sandy beaches.

The tsunami of the year 2004 in the region took the lives of thousands of individuals and decreased tourism, but the endless adventures and experiences in Phuket can’t be forgotten. This region is home to many indescribable Beaches and other tourist destinations as the beaches of Phuket are considered some of the most visited tourist attractions and places to go in Thailand.

Things To Do

The most vulnerable time to travel to this area is from November to April as in these specific Months the Water activities reach their peak, and from May to October the region is marked as dangerous due to Monsoon and heavy rains.

The Outdoor and physical activities are full of experience in Phuket but the famous and delightful cuisine and food of Phuket can’t be expressed in words as this Western Coast of Thailand is Mostly known for its attractive Seafood and some of the Journeys to consider while Visiting Phuket are;

  • Explore Nai Harn Beach
  • Sighting of Big Buddha 
  • Promthep cape
  • Visit Sugar Marina Resort
  • Angsana Lagoona
  • Horizon Karon Resort and Beach

Chiang Mai

If a Traveler is searching for a Combo of Both Outdoor adventures like hiking, visiting beautiful Mountain sites, and Enjoying the delightful Greenery of the area with the Mixture of Night Markets, Ancient architecture, and Historical structures then this Northern Location is described as one of the best places to go in Thailand and this region is known as Chiang Mai.

Chiang mai Thailand

The location is full of different journeys and travelers from around the world visit Chiang Mai for its heart-healing Natural Landscapes and old historical Temples, as this place is home to a variety of active Buddhism Temples.

Things To Do

The natural beauty of Chiang Mai is devastating, as the green Mountains and eye-catching fields of the area are a dream for nature lovers, however, here are some of the best tourist attractions;

  • Wat Phra Singh Temple
  • Wat Chedi Luang Temple
  • Doi Inthanon National Park
  • Doi Suthep
  • San Kamphaeng Road
  • Chiang Mai Night Bazaar


When Thailand was Historically known as Siam and the Kingdom of Siam was at its Peak, Ayutthaya was marked as the capital of the Thai nation in the earlier Fourteenth Century and the Remains of this Ancient and historical Kingdom can be Found in Ayutthaya. 

Ayutthaya Thailand

One of the Most Famous Tourist sites and attractions is the Ayutthaya Historical Park, which is covered by 3 shiny rivers and is home to many Ancient statues, sculptures, ancient writings, and reliquary Towers. 

Things To Do

Thousands of locals and visitors take a trip to this historical and one of the beautiful places to go in Thailand as the religion followed here is Buddhism and Ayutthaya is the place where different buddha statues like the buddha’s Head in the Tree roots are visited daily by the locals. Some of the tourist attractions and destinations traveled by the locals and myth-buster travelers are;

  • Bang Pa-In Palace
  • Wat Phra Si sanphet
  • Wat Yai Chai Mangkol
  • Wat Locaya Sutha
  • Wat Chaiwatthanaram



One of the Most Beautiful and Natural provinces of Thailand is Kanchanaburi which is the 3rd most vast province of Thailand. This region is enriched with the fascinating beauty of Natural landmarks like Mountains, shiny streams and waters, green habitats, and eye-catching wilderness.

Kachanaburi Thailand


This place in Thailand is well-known for its bond with World War 2 and the remains of the war. One of the famous sites is the Bridge of River Kawai which was built by forced labor. 

Things To Do

The Damaged and destructed sites can be found in different regions of Kanchanaburi province, but ignoring the past, this area is full of adventures and journeys like;

  • Beautiful waterfalls
  • Neolithic Caves
  • Outdoor pursuits
  • National Parks
  • Natural Hiking and rafting spots
  • Jeth War Museum


conclusion Thailand

Every Corner of this beautiful World is Full of devastating and fascinating natural landmarks and landscapes but requires individuals and travelers to unleash and explore this beauty. To conclude I would suggest that readers and travelers take a sharp tour and lungs-freshening journey to the Attractive places to go in Thailand for a remarkable adventure and never-ending memories.

Continue Your Journey.



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